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About God

We believe in one God, the maker of all things; eternally existent in three persons, the Trinity: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. (Philippians 2:6)


We believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and became flesh and dwelt among us. He lived a sinless life. He is true God and true man.

(John 1:1, 14, 18)

Salvation &

We believe that Jesus was crucified and died. We believe in His resurrection from the dead. (I Corinthians 15:3.4)

We believe in the personal salvation of man. It is a gift of God, the result of faith and repentance through the blood of Jesus. (Ephesians 2:8-9, II Corinthians 7:10)

We believe in healing; that it is included in the atonement. 

(Matthew 8:17, Isaiah 53:4-5)

The Second Coming

We believe in the return of the Lord Jesus and the rapture of His church.
(Acts 1:11, I Thessalonians 4:16-17)

Baptism of the Holy Spirit

We believe in the baptism in the Holy Spirit with the initial evidence of speaking in other tongues, given to those who ask, empowering them with the Spirit of God. (John 14:16-17, Acts 1:8, Acts 2:29, Acts 19:1-6)

The Bible

We believe that the Bible in its entirety is the inspired Word of God and is an infallible rule of faith and conduct. (II Timothy 3:16, I Thessalonians 2:13, II Peter 1:21)

The Great

We believe in the evangelism in accordance with the great commission and with signs following. (Mark 16:14-20)

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