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God notices YOU, YOU matter to Him and He loves YOU!

Does your life feel empty or like you’re missing something? Do you long for peace and joy?

Did you know that you began as a thought of God?

The bible says in Jeremiah 1:5 “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you..."

He knew you then and He knows you now. He loved you then and He loves you now. His heart is for you. He loves you, always. 
There is nothing we can do that would make God love us any less and nothing we can do to make God love us anymore. God is Love, it’s not just what He does it’s who He is. And He loves you, He really does. So much so that he showed you through the person of Jesus, who was God in the flesh. 
Jesus never sinned, He is perfect in every way and He died on a cross to take our punishment for our sins but after 3 days He rose from the grave. (That’s why we celebrate Easter.) 

Why would He do this?

He did this so your sins can be forgiven and so one day you’ll have a home in Heaven. He did this so you can experience His love on earth and fulfill His destiny that He has for you. 
When you recognize that you have sinned and you call on the name of Jesus he hears your prayer and he’ll forgive your sins and you will become new. The old person is gone and the new person is here. 
Salvation doesn’t come from our good deeds or by doing anything special, it’s a free gift from God just because He loves us so much. 
We need to turn away from our sins, believe that Jesus is God’s Son and our Savior, and submit to Him as Lord of our lives. By doing so, we receive salvation and eternal life.

Do you need forgiveness, grace and mercy?

Do you want to turn from your past mistakes?

Do you want to know for certain your sins are forgiven and you have a home in heaven when you die?

Today, place your trust in Jesus, and make Him Lord of your life.

Pray this Prayer:

Heavenly Father, forgive me for all my sins, save me, change me, make me brand new. I believe you died on the cross for my sins and that you were raised from the dead. I confess you are the Lord of my life. At this moment I accept the price that Jesus paid and I accept Him as the savior of my life.

God, fill me with your spirit so I can know you and so I can walk in your love. I give my life to you in Jesus name. 

Congratulations on your new life in Jesus Christ!

If you prayed that prayer, you have made the best decision of your life! You have decided to dedicate your life to following Jesus.

What’s next on your journey? We can help!

Just like any other relationship, we need to invest time and effort into getting to know who God is and what He wants for us.

So much awaits us after we first believe in Christ! We’re now on a lifelong journey with Jesus. 

Here are a few next steps in your walk with Christ:

Make Prayer Part of Your Day:
Prayer is talking to God, and there’s nothing more powerful than asking for God’s help.

Read the Bible:
The Bible is the supreme source of truth for Christian beliefs about living. It’s God’s Word written specifically to guide us through life.
Download a bible app and find a Bible reading plan to help you make the Bible part of your everyday life.
Talking to God isn’t a one-way street – He wants to talk to us, too. Take time to learn His voice and listen to His direction for you.

Any time we give God credit for His goodness, we are worshiping Him. When we pray, serve, or help others in their faith, we are following God’s will and showing our gratitude for who He is.

Life is better together. When we interact with other followers of Christ we find support and encouragement to continue in our faith. Find a Life Group on our website and get connected with other believers.

When we give our time, talents, or financial gifts, we give God the chance to prove His faithfulness.

When you experience something as good as God’s love, you want to share it with the people in your life! Talk about how God has changed your life, build relationships, and invite someone to come to church with you.

Celebrate Your Faith!
If you’ve made the decision to follow Christ, baptism is one of the most meaningful next steps you can take. Baptism is a public celebration of your decision to follow Christ

Have questions?

We’d love to chat with you. Please reach out through our connect page.

If you’re not part of a church we’d love for you to visit us either online or in person. Come and see what God is doing at Abundant Life Church.

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